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Being Support Staff

The work can be hard I know.

Time can go by so very slow,

But all of the bad little things

Are nothing compared to the joy camp brings.

Polar dip may be so, so cold,

But it adds to the stories that will be told.

A chore can hardly be called a chore,

Because here it comes without the usual bore.

In our teams we work away the day,

But not without at least a little play.

Our weirdness and craziness work together

To make us almost want to work here forever.

When we do this work serving God with all our being

It makes it all have a meaning.

All the boys and girls that come through here

Will see us work with all our cheer.

As we work away at our jobs They see that with GOD work never robs

Any of our happiness away

And that's why I'm here today.


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