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Summer Program Volunteering 

We want you! Rough Acres is highly dependent on volunteers to help us with daily operations of the camp program. Camp programs and traditions are brought to life by the dedication of our new and returning staff. Being a part of the RABC team is a rewarding opportunity to serve our awesome God in ministry and build friendships that last a lifetime. Volunteer Job Descriptions, as well as a list of remaining needs-per-week can be found at the bottom of this page.

To apply to volunteer, please follow the steps below.  For more information or any questions, please contact Sydney at


Step 1: Complete the online application form.

If you have questions or concerns, email 

Step 2: Complete the online Waiver form.

(Volunteers under age 18 must have their guardian complete the "Under 18" waiver. All others fill the "Over 18" form.

Step 3: Complete the online Medical form.

(Information is kept private between First Aid Attendant and Director.)

Step 4: Complete a Criminal Record Check

(Volunteers only - hired staff must apply through RCMP). Use our Access Code: X2VNQLLA2Y to apply online at  Or you can contact the director ( for a paper form to apply manually for a record check through RABC. (If you have already completed a Criminal Record Check for Rough Acres Bible Camp in the past 3 years, please contact us to ask if this is still valid.)

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Camp Leaders (Must be at least 15 years of age or over). Camp leaders work in pairs to supervise a cabin of 6-8 campers for one week. They help their campers to follow the schedule of activities while caring for and encouraging them. ​ Support Staff (Must be 15 years of age* or over, or have completed the LIT program.). Support Staff work in small teams to do support work during camp programs; washing dishes, cleaning bathrooms, helping to lead games and activities, and supporting camp leaders as needed. First Aid (Must be at least 18 years of age or over to apply, OFA level 1 required. OFA 2 or 3+ preferred). The First Aid Attendant responds to and reports on First Aid needs during camp programs, and stores & distributes any medication that campers bring with them. First Aid attendants are welcomed to participate in all camp activities as well! Kitchen Helper (Must be at least 16 years of age or over to apply, Food Safe an asset). Kitchen helpers work in small teams to prepare and serve meals at the camp. Head Cook (Must be at least 16 years of age or over to apply, Food Safe an asset). The Head Cook works with and leads the kitchen helper team to prepare and provide the meals according to the menu prepared, following FoodSafe handling guidelines. Will communicate with the expiditor as needed and complete kitchen invetory once during the week. Chapel Speaker (Must be 18 years of age or over, and have experience in ministry). Chapel speakers prepare chapel sessions that are age appropriate for the camp they sign up for. Chapel sessions are typically morning and evening except on the first and last day of camp. The chapel speaker can also serve by encouraging and mentoring staff, getting to know campers, and being a source of prayer and guidance during camp. However, there is much room for flexibility to meet a volunteer's schedule in this role. Staff Babysitter (Must be 12 years of age or over and have completed a babysitting course or have babysitting experience). Staff Babysitters are sometimes required to supervise on-site staff children (such as for the cooks or chapel speaker). Often babysitters will work in pairs depending on the number of children. *Want to volunteer as a family? Younger volunteers have often come along as "junior staff" with parents/guardians. Contact us to discuss options! For any additional questions please contact the director. Thank you!

Current Staff Needs 

This list of volunteer needs for the summer is updated frequently! 



We are Hiring!

For the position of part-time Lifeguard.

($22/hr for 2-3 hour blocks each day)

If you want to make some extra money by spending time in the sun at camp, apply to be one of our "Drop-in" lifeguards. You can work around your schedule by choosing days that work to come and supervise our waterfront hours! (usually between 3:00-5:00 pm).

A job description for this position can be found below. To apply, please email Sydney at with a copy of your resume (please include a copy of your NLS or details about when you will have it if completing the training before summer). Any questions can also be sent to Sydney.

Job Description Lifeguard - applicants must be age 16+ and agree to abide by the RABC Code of Conduct while working at camp. The lifeguard is responsible for supervising the overall safety, equipment and general maintenance of the waterfront at RABC.  Applicants must have NLS (National Lifeguard and Safety Training) valid until the end of summer programming, and have necessary experience in lifeguarding and leadership. Applicants must have sufficient organizational skills, and knowledge of various water equipment and skills.  The lifeguard is responsible for communicating with campers and staff to ensure all comply with waterfront rules. Before opening the waterfront, the lifeguard is to ensure that all equipment is in safe working condition, and to check for safety hazards including weather conditions, wild animals, and /or hazards in the water. The lifeguard will need to be able to work with their fellow staff members to make decisions based on weather or time restraints. The lifeguard is responsible for assigning staff to supervise each piece of equipment including water inflatables, floating docks, and watercrafts. The lifeguard will also need to be efficient in keeping a clean work environment, putting away PDF's, canoes, paddles, etc. when not in use. When the waterfront closes, they are responsible for delegating tasks and ensuring all tasks on the waterfront communications sheet are completed.  In addition to managing water safety, the lifeguard is a front-line staff who is in direct contact with campers and staff. The lifeguard must be easily approachable and able to build rapport with all staff and campers. This relationship-building will aid them in communicating effectively and respectfully in response to concerns, such as camper disputes, menstruation starting while at waterfront, illness, damaged swimwear, etc. The lifeguard will continue to develop safe relationships with campers and staff to support the respect and ease of waterfront communication. Each day of work, the lifeguard will fill out a communication sheet in the waterfront binder located in the main office, and meet with the Executive Director to discuss any concerns, positive events, or recommended changes. Being able to plan water related programs, teach canoeing/kayaking, etc. would be an asset.

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