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Work Bee & Projects

The spring work bee will be held at RABC on June 8th. We have a list of projects to tackle before the camp is ready for programs this summer, including fixing up the playground. To find a full list of jobs that need to be done at camp, check out the document here.



Our playground is built largely out of hollow wooden beams with rebar in the middle and requires upgrades due to regular aging and wear (leaning posts, rotted perimeter logs, etc.) as well as the damage down by a tree falling this spring. Our goal for this spring is to get the playground into usable condition, and then to apply for grants to upgrade bit by bit in the future.

Steps to take:

1. Mark the remaining danger trees near the playground and take them down before the work bee to avoid risk of people walking into danger accidentally, and to allow for bucking/clean up at work bee.

2. Replace (3?) cracked logs so make remaining playground usable and remove metal bars from the “ladder” section by the yellow slide to use as extra barriers on high sections/replacements for bent bars.

3. Reinforce and straighten the leaning beams.

4. Have more pea gravel brought and spread across the playground to cover all cement pads (need to clarify how much, but estimated a depth of 8 inches required?)

5. Reattached parts of the playground have been separated.

6. Get an assessment done on our playground. 

Other Work Bee/Project Items

-The sewage pumps need better designed check valves that don't stick open, and the piping on one of the pumps still needs to be updated.

-The deck railing needs to be properly secured (we have instructions of what parts and procedures are needed)

-The new pilot light for the oven has been ordered and needs to be installed when it arrives.

-Fix leak around dish pit roof vent.

-Water systems: Our drinking fountain, coffee maker, and filtered water tap are connected to a reverse osmosis system that is not working, separate from main water system.

-Riflery and Archery Ranges- need the set up the backstop for the riflery range, and set up a support for the wobbly backstop at Archery.  Also, general fix up (weed whacking and setting up range perimeter marking).

-The dock pinch point fix from last summer caused boards to lift. Need a new way of dealing with that issue.

-Fix cabin roofs that are loose. (red cabins especially)

Rough Acres Bible Camp Society depends on our members and sponsor churches for prayer, counsel, workers, leadership, financial support, promotion, and more. By joining the society (or renewing your membership), you are partnering with us in this ministry, and we are grateful for this continuing support for RABC. We hope and pray for our numbers to grow this year!

Membership renewals & applications require a $20 membership fee. Completed forms can be sent to These forms allow us to see where people's interest lies in helping at camp, and to better connect with you.

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