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RABC is in need of many volunteers!


There are many opportunities at Rough Acres to volunteer and to serve a most awesome God! Rough Acres is highly dependant on our volunteers to help us with daily operations of the camp program. Not only is volunteering a way to serve in ministry, but it also provides an opportunity to build life-lasting friendships with fellow believers at camp!


We are now beginning to look for many amazing people to help out with the 2023 camp season! For an up-to-date list of our summer volunteer needs, scroll to the bottom. To apply to volunteer, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Complete the online application form.

Step 2: Complete the online Waiver form.

Step 3: Complete the online Medical form.

Step 4: Complete a Criminal Record Check.

You can apply online at using the Rough Acres Access Code: X2VNQLLA2Y. Or you can contact your local branch for information on applying in person. If you require a letter from Rough Acres for applying for the Record Check in person, please contact to request a volunteering letter.

Summer 2023 Volunteer Needs

Junior Coed (July 9-14)

  • 1 Chapel Speaker

  • 2 Support Staff

  • 1 female cabin leader


LIT/Mini Rough (July 16-18, 16-21)

  • 3 Support Staff

  •  1 male Cabin Leader

  • 2 Female Cabin Leaders


Int Coed 1 (July 23-28)

  • 1 female cabin leaders

Intermediate Coed 2 (August 6-11)

  • First aid attendant

  • 4 support staff

  • 4 female cabin leaders

  • 2 male cabin leaders

The traditions of Rough Acres Bible Camp are brought to life by the dedication and enthusiasm of our new and returning staff. Being a part of the Rough Acres Bible Camp team is a rewarding responsibility. It is also an opportunity to have one of the best summers of your life. Make a positive difference for yourself and the kids you care for!

Rough Acres Bible Camp has transitioned our Staff application process to a paperless system. In other words, all of our applications will now be filled out and submitted online! All necessary links can be found right here! For more information or any questions, please contact Sydney at roughacres@roughacres.orgFor the Volunteer Application, please scroll further down past the Staff Application.

Lifeguard/Summer Missionary Application

Step 1: Email your resume and cover letter.

Please include the following information:

a) Why do you want to work at camp, and which position are you applying for?

b) How does our 2023 theme "Lost & Found" and our theme verse (Isaiah 43:1) speak to you and your life?

c) Please include any ministry experience and church involvement/volunteering that has helped you prepare for camp.

Step 2: Please Arrange for three non-related references to complete the reference form below. You can direct your references to our website, or simply send them the link. Be sure your references are willing to complete the form.

Step 3: Complete the online Medical Form

Step 4: Complete the online Waiver form

Once applications and reference forms have been received and processed, you will hear from us in regard to your application. If you are being considered for a position, a Criminal Record Check must be received before final acceptance is complete (you may include this with your application, but it is not required).


The lifeguard is for supervising the overall safety, equipment and general maintenance of the waterfront.  Applicants must have NLS (National Lifeguard and Safety Training) valid until the end of summer programming, and have necessary experience in lifeguarding and leadership. Applicants must have sufficient organizational skills, and knowledge of various water equipment and skills. The Lifeguard will also be involved in various program activities and other duties if working fulltime at camp. Full-time is preferred but part-time applications will be accepted. All applicants must be 16+ and provide a copy of certification.

Senior Summer Leaders

This person is responsible for cabin leading one cabin of up to 8 campers per week for up to 5 weeks. Includes serving for two or more weeks as skill, program and janitorial support. Will also assist in mentoring an LIT, throughout the summer as needed. Must have leadership experience, basic knowledge of the gospel and how to communicate it, excellent relational skills and above all, an incredible desire and passion to love children and bring them to Christ.  Multiple Male and Female Senior Summer Leader positions are available - Applicants must be 16+

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