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What to Bring

RABC is a place to have a good old fashioned time of fun, to meet new friends and experience God’s Creation.

For this reason we ask you NOT to bring:

  • Pets    

  • Knives or weapons of any kind

  • Any electronics: radios, cell phones, CD and MP3 players,

          ghetto blasters, video games, laptops or PDA’s


What to Pack for camp:  *most important

  • Water Bottle (labeled)*

  • Sleeping bag or bedding*, pillow*

  • Pajamas, indoor shoes* (to be worn in main lodge)

  • Camp-type clothing for a week*.  Please do not send new clothing to camp.  We play lots of games where campers get dirty. Label all items if possible.

  • Runners/hikers* and beach shoes eg. Flip flops*

  • Personals: towels, soap, toiletries, comb, flashlight, toothpaste & toothbrush, etc*.

  • Modest one piece swimwear*

  • Jacket/rain coat/hoodie*

  • Bag for dirty clothing

  • Clothing and belongings should be clearly marked with the campers name so they can be returned if misplaced.  Unclaimed lost and found will be donated after 14 days.

  • Bible (if you own one – otherwise RABC will provide)

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