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RABC Ladies Retreat

September 22-24

*Registration is now full for this year's retreat*.


This fall retreat is back once more at the beautiful setting of Rough Acres Bible Camp. Come enjoy socializing in our lodge, exploring nearby trails, or taking our watercrafts out on the lake! Join women from nearby communities for a weekend of fellowship and fun. Registration will open on August 20th and close on September 15th, or when the retreat is full. Scroll to the bottom to see this year's schedule. 

Meet the Speaker!

Maria Dyck is a writer and podcaster with a passion for pursuing Biblical truth and helping women find freedom. 


Having grown up in Terrace, she has spent the rest of her life looking for another place just as beautiful, and despite having lived in the jungles of Belize and the prairie fields of Alberta, she has not yet found it. She has been married for 23 years to her husband, Jim, and together they have 3 children. Her first book, Ezer Kenegdo: What It Really Means to Be a Helpmeet, is due to be published this October.

Have you ever wondered what God meant when He called Eve to be a ‘help meet’? (Genesis 2:18). This term has been confusing for many women and often misunderstood. It is best understood when considered in its original Hebrew language as the phrase ‘ezer kenegdo’. Join us at Rough Acres as we dive into the Bible to explore this concept, discuss the myth and misconceptions of being a help meet, and learn why it’s so important for women to understand and embrace this unique identity.



Get involved! We are looking for a crew of support staff to wash dishes and do light janitorial work, as well as cooks and kitchen helpers for this event. Contact us at if you are able to help us with making this retreat possible!


Registration &
Event Details

This event is for women ages 16+ and will cost $175.00 per person to attend, including accommodation, meals, and sessions for the weekend. You can register online or contact us at if you require help with registering. 

Accommodations: Room availability is on a first come, first served basis as registrations are received. We have cabins, shared lodge rooms and dorms, and parking spaces for those who may wish to bring an RV/Trailers (no hookups are available). The cabins have woodstoves and lighting but not all have outlets. There is no public wifi at RABC but there is excellent cell service.

Please plan to share a room or cabin with others. You will be able to request room/cabin mate requests, so grab a few friends and sign up! Rooms in the lodge fill up quickly so those willing to share rooms will have a better chance of finding a bed in the lodge.

Note* Rough Acres is a peanut-free facility, but we are unable to accommodate other special dietary restrictions. Please contact us to receive a copy of the menu so you can make arrangements if needed.

Our worship team and retreat speaker will lead our sessions and small group discussion will provide time to reflect and expand on learning together. Our support staff will take care of cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning bathrooms while you explore the beautiful property or use your downtime to work on hobby crafts! (Bring your crocheting, painting, puzzles, books, etc.)


Schedule is subject to change, but will give you an idea of how this weekend retreat will run.

Friday Evening (September 22nd)

6:00pm – Open for Checking In

7:15 pm- Welcome and Introductions

7:45 pm – Worship and Session 1: What Does it Really Mean to Be a Help Meet?

9:00 – Evening Snack & Free time

11:30:pm-7:00am - Quiet Time 

Saturday (September 23rd)

8:30 – Breakfast

10:30 – Worship and Session 2: The Myths and Misconceptions of a Help Meet

12:00 – Lunch

1:00pm – Small Group Discussions (optional)

2:00pm – Free Time

5:30pm – Supper

7:00 pm – Worship and Session 3: A Tale of 2 Help Meets

9:00 pm – Bedtime Snack


Sunday (September 24th)

8:30 – Breakfast 

10:00 – Session 4: Embracing our Identity and Calling as a Help Meet

11:30 - Light Refreshments and Cleanup!

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