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Staff & Employment

The traditions of Rough Acres Bible Camp are brought to life by the dedication and enthusiasm of our new and returning staff. Being a part of the Rough Acres Bible Camp team is a rewarding responsibility. It is also an opportunity to have one of the best summers of your life. Make a positive difference for yourself and the kids you care for!

Rough Acres Bible Camp has transitioned our Staff and Volunteer application process to a paperless system. In other words, all of our applications will now be filled out and submitted online! All necessary links can be found right here!

Step 1: Email your resume and cover letter.

Please include the following information:

a) Which position are you applying for: Program Director, Lifeguard, Summer Missionary,

b) Why do you want to work at camp?

c) What does having a 'Heart of a Champion' mean to you?

Step 2: Arrange for your references to be completed. You can direct your references to our website or simply send them the link. Be sure your references are willing to complete the form.

Step 3: Complete the online Medical Form

Step 4: Complete the online Waiver form

Program Director

This individual is responsible for directing and overseeing the entire program including camp skills and wide games. Must have program and recreational leadership experience and/or training, strong administrative skills, clear organization and communication skills, proficiency in camp skills and should have excellent relational and creative qualities. The program director is responsible for running a large part of the general camp program. Applicants must be 19+


Responsible for being a part of the lifeguard/waterfront team. Responsible for the overall safety, equipment and general maintenance of the waterfront. must be at least 19, have minimum NLS (National Lifeguard and Safety Training) and have necessary experience in lifeguarding and leadership. Must have sufficient organizational skills, and knowledge of various water equipment and skills. Will also be involved in various program activities and other duties. Applicants must be 18+

Summer Missionaries

This person is responsible for cabin leading one cabin of up to 8 campers per week for up to 5 weeks. Includes serving for two or more weeks as skill, program and janitorial support. Will also assist in mentoring an LIT, throughout the summer as needed. Must have leadership experience, basic knowledge of the gospel and how to communicate it, excellent relational skills and above all, an incredible desire and passion to love children and bring them to Christ.

4 female and 4 male positions available Applicants must be 17+


RABC is in need of many volunteers!


There are many opportunities at Rough Acres to volunteer and to serve a most awesome God!


Rough Acres is highly dependant on our volunteers to help us with daily operations of the camp program.


We are now beginning to look for many amazing people to help out with the 2018 camp season!

Please consider the positions below and how you may be able to help!  

There are many other jobs and projects needing help.  Please email us at for more information!

Rough Acres needs volunteers to work as:



  • Cooks (Head Cooks and Assistant Cooks)

  • Cabin Leaders

  • Support Staff

  • Speakers

  • Camp nurse/First Aid Attendants

  • Maintenance Staff


If you are interested in any of these positions either for individual camp sessions or the whole summer please contact us via email at or phone the camp at 250-845-7155 for more information.

Step 1: Complete the online application form.

Step 2: Complete the online Waiver form.

Step 3: Complete the online Medical form.

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