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Employment Opportunities

Executive Director – Rough Acres Bible Camp,  Houston, B.C.

The Board of Directors at RABC is seeking employment of a full-time Executive Director starting January 3, 2023.


Summary of Position

Provide leadership and manage the programs and operation of the Camp within the Policies and Procedures approved by the Board.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:


Administration and Management:

  • Serve as ‘CEO’ of RABC.


Administrative and Financial:

  • Works with the Treasurer, and Finance Committee in preparation of the annual Camp budget ensuring that we are reaching our objectives and targets.

  • Explore government incentives both Provincial and Federal, as well as the many local grants that are available.



  • Maintain interaction with our Member Churches, Pastors, and Contact People. Develop and implement a program to visit churches from the Society at least once a year. Promotion is to be done in the community as well.

  • Communicate “critical incident” information to the Board Executive, and when necessary to Board members at the next Board meeting.


Responsibilities – Personal:

  • Serve as a role model to Staff.

  • Provide Administrative leadership, direction, and guidance to ensure all campers/guests are properly served and that the Board’s directives are carried out.

  • Supervise and set priorities for Summer Assistant Director and his/her involvement with staff and camp programs, retreats, and rental groups.

  • Responsible for the employment (within the provided policies), evaluation, termination, suspension, and disciplining of all staff.


Qualifications include but are not limited to:

  • Must have a high level of Christian commitment and demonstrated spiritual leadership and maturity in both personal and professional relationships. The Executive Director must possess a vision for the ministry of Christian camping.

  • Must be willing to become an active member of a local church.

  • Have practical experience in Christian camping and how it functions locally and globally.

  • Post-secondary education or 4 years of relevant experience. A degree in a related field is preferred.

  • Must be a leader as he/she would be responsible to oversee Summer Director & 20 -25 other summer Staff members, both paid and volunteer.

  • Marketing / Promotion skills.

  • Computer systems experience [MS Word, MS Excel, MS Outlook, Power Point] *Web design would be a valuable asset.

  • Must have good communication skills, both verbal and written, and be gifted in the areas of leadership, strategic planning, organizational management, teaching & development.

  • Must have proven ability to delegate responsibility and ensure accountability and an understanding and appreciation of the Board governing process and the Board / Administrative relationship.


Terms of Employment:

Terms of employment will be covered in the interview process and/or contract.


Application Deadline:

March 1, 2023. Resumes can be sent to

A detailed version of the job description can be found here!

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