Dear Staff and Volunteers,


We have spent the last six weeks focused on how to manage COVID-19 in respect to camp.  In the end it was a straightforward decision. No matter what changes in the next two months, this global pandemic has made it impossible for us to run our typical camp programs safely and appropriately this summer.


We want to apologize for the loss of your summer job and week at camp.


For first year staff, we know this application and interview process doesn’t happen overnight - you worked really hard and were excited for a new role at camp this summer.


For returning staff, you have made a huge impact on the camp community in past summers, and we are so grateful and appreciative of the commitment you made to return to camp. 


For everyone, we know that you applied and planned to volunteer/work in a pre-COVID world, and may have turned down other opportunities or taken time off of work, all so you could make an impact on the campers at Rough Acres Bible Camp.


The team here at camp counts down the days until staff training, and we know, how excited you all were to come work at camp.


The good news is, you can still be involved!  We will be running online camp challenges throughout the summer, and we hope that you can join in. We are looking into fall programs (as the public health situation allows) and pray to be back in Summer 2021. Our campers are going to need caring, compassionate, and empathetic role models like you more than ever! 


Though times are tough and you may feel lonely, remember that you are not alone. Lean on your relationship with Christ. Delve into the Word. Reach out to your friends and fellow camp staff. Enjoy the outdoors and visit safely with others if you are able. Call or email me if you need to talk.


Thank you for your commitment to us, and we will be in touch soon,

Robyn “Bob” Johnson